Sabe and Mems


Sabe(male character)
Mems (female character)

Wicked grandma
Step mum
Siblings(to be touched on at a later time).

_story story.._

Once lived a lovely family , father, mother and children.
Life was beautiful(including whatever beauty entails)…but not even rivers flow forever…

One evening, when the kids came from school, home felt strange. Mama was lying on the floor, with tears all over her face and bags well packed ready for something like a trip. But Sabe was holding Mems in his arms(having in mind Sabe is elder to Mems). Mems blouse was covered in blood. Mama suddenly got up to check what was wrong. She quickly rushed Mems to the hospital . It was quite normal for her to nosebleed but this time was far much abnormal. The doctors striked mama with the news that Mems is Anemic.
They all went back home, and the only seemed strange to Mems and Sabe, since they were the young ones.
And right after dinner, Daddy comes in….and now home really feels hot for mama and poor kids.

It was a Chilly night. The temperatures were relatively low. And this meant Sabe’s chest would have complications . But Mama and Daddy were deep in an argument who knows what was it about.
Finally Mama grabbed the luggages, took Sabe to her back, grabbed Mems on the right hand and the rest grabbed their packed bags too.

~but hey, where were they going?~

Daddy had a character of polishing his name out there. More so, Mama had no where to call home🤦🏻‍♂
But being a lady of hope, she decides their trip’s destination is at Aunty’s place. ^which was just like staying at home^

People are people and they all are fake. The welcome was warm…the night passed on well, and come morning, Daddy is there, with a lawyer. And this marked the end of Mama spending with the kids. A new path rolled over!

🛣 _Sabe’s path_🛣

He was a mamas boy, and this separation made him depressed. But life had to go on.
Life with Daddy wasnt much easy, esp after he married the worst night mare. Life became of a solitude nature to Sabe. Not forgetting this wicked grandma. It is said that fear has its favourite so does wickedness.
According to grandma, no one in daddy’s family was meant to prosper, esp little Sabe🔯
Heading to his final exams in primary, he collapses on the rehearsal day. But still he makes it to a provisional school. But still, collapsing became a better part of him😭
As if that wasnt enough, Daddy decided to withdraw from paying his school fee😔
But being the focused him,he managed to find a sponsor from upcountry who offered to pay for all the educational expenses.
They said, for someone who isnt used to being okay, its not okay being okay….this correctly applied to Sabe.
Having all kinds of amounts in his disposal, Sabe began being immoral.
With money he thought,he could rule the whole world and somehow he managed to rule the better part of the school. Buying off students to beat up others and much deeper deeds.
Back home, daddy wants nothing to do with him.
And he actually developed a lone lifestyle.
When he was about to join form four, he decides to change his characters.
But the taste he had left in his fellow student’s couldn’t allow them accept his change
he managed to pass his exams and on joining college,as sole as he is, and the fact that the sponsorship contract came to an end, he was stranded about his fee payment🧐
He humbled himself enough to go back home, and see if daddy can assist😞 but not only to be turned down, he finds that his elder brother disappeared from home and joined a terrorism group😟
He came back to his lone life and decided to make decent hustles unlike his brother.
So through a friend he joins the golfing world where he could earn atleast 500/= per day.
Finally he joined college, and passed his exams.
He went back home, and fortunately daddy had missed him. He was well welcomed and gifted a little portion of land where he built a small home and grew some reasonable amount of tea leaves.
He then decided to give back to the society, he voluntarily decided to teach in a nearby mixed secondary school as a math-physics teacher.
He served the school with loyalty.
~But they said, what goes round, comes round.~
Looks like he had not yet paid for his immorality or rather,it was still stuck on his face.
As a teacher, he decided to offer his little home to one of his bright student who used to walk a long distance.
But this student ended up impregnating a fellow student.but this he belongs to Sabe, and so, Sabe was linked to this pregnancy. And that marked the end of him serving the school and so was his name defamed.
But he was a changed man already, that didnt stop him.
God guided him, and finally directed him to a better employment.

Sabe is now married and almost making his own family😋 😋😋😋😋😋

🛣 _Mems’ path_🛣

After the seperation, Mems had to stay behind with daddy and step mum.
Step mum was never ready to see her prosper.
At her class 8, she was forced to repeat twice, but that didnt pull her down.
But during the go, daddy and Mems lost their bond. She used to keep alot to herself. and step mum knew this quite well. She one day planned a rape that perfectly took place. It demotivated Mems but she worked on making her survival take place.
Since she lost her self worth, she decided to move to her sisters’ place hoping that things would get better. To her surprise, her sister planned another rape for her…this one was worse, coz she received beatings as well😭
So she decided to join the street kids. This looked like a break to her.Five months down the line, she thought its better to be at home…she went back home from the street life. Right now, her self esteem was close to zero. She would appreciate anything that would look kind and generous. And that included a fake relationship that she fell in and ended up pregnant and dumped!😒
She sat form4 exams while pregnant. After her exams she moves to her brothers’ house who is now married to a dictator wife. It looked like she wasnt meant to find peace. With her pregnancy she develops leukemia. Still in such a situation she is mistreated as much till she gives birth to an immature baby boy😭.
But she doesnt give up, she manages to join college.

Right now Mems is at her final year in college.
A two rape cases survivor, a leukemia fighter, and anemia still wont let her go.
But her kid is now the most healthiest🙂



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