Happy Birthday 6thBoRn

Its been a while,
Soon you gonna be down the aisle,
The journey has been scary in its own style,
And what your heart had to take is heavier than any pile!

Two decades down the line,
I’m happy you flow with the wine,
sanguinely always tracing your own spine,
Light is illuminating as you keep trusting in the sign!

Your heart has ache,
You had much to take,
Got friends with a love so fake,
And yes that was your destined take!

Here is today,
Come what may,
Happiness is here to stay,
So grab your years and dont hesitate to slay!

What wasnt meant to stay left,
Whats truly your share is here at its best,
There is no cage to keep you trapped in a nest,
You are free darling so why don’t you sway your waist!

Here is to more success,
Cheers to more laughter,
Other chances to make a mess,
And more life to be you and not less!

This me in you will always be with you,
How strong you are is something you got no clue,
Your self love is debt to me forever due,
There is no one to love you better than this inner you!

Happy 20th birthday to the flesh part of you,
More years of blessings are on a beautiful queue,
Your soul and inner self are surely older than the visible you,
So we are here to say Happy returns to you!




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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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