And that was the heaviest thing,
The most of what my mind could think,
Its not like the memories now stink,
But Atleast whats left is a broken link.

I didn’t write to you by my favourite ink,
All I did was coming closer with our wink,
Then in my own hell I had to sink,
And yes that was not a beautiful thing.

But then it is upon me,
All this was something I could clearly see,
But chose to close my eyes and let it just be,
I did not forget that my fall was key!

It wasn’t foolish at all,
Though no word can say it all.
It is sad I can’t expect your call,
But then I have back my own soul!

Rest in peace
Though you have taken away my peace,
I will call your name before fixing any piece,
And I am glad I Atleast gave you a goodbye kiss!

You promised me forever,
But after the Trip it became a never,
I can now only smile at my screen saver,
I miss how you could kiss away my fever!

We shall meet tomorrow,
Again my hand you shall borrow,
Right now everything looks narrow,
because your love wasn’t shallow.

I’m sorry I couldn’t kiss your forehead ,
I’m in chains and this is written in red,
But I will love you through all what’s ahead,
Because through your love is how I was made!

🌺I am planting you this flower in every word I utter,
Hoping that when you listen it makes you feel better,
The very last kiss tasted something better than sweeter,
I will keep my promise not to ever sound bitter!

chammy will still fall in love with your dead smile Shakir💋


Happy mother’s Day💞

I was a little thing in you,
Much pain I put you through,
No one knew me better than you,
What I would be, you had no clue!

But every time you saw your belly grow,
Your heart couldn’t help but love me more!
You imagined how cute would be my first crawl,
And a strong bond you felt from you to my young soul.

Then there came a little me,
My smile was always your key,
happy and jovial you had to be,
Just to make sure I am a peaceful kid!

You had to swallow your pride,
Your back kept giving me a ride,
Your love growing deep and wide,
And you always made sure I see you by my side!

Time flew I started giving you a wink,
Slowly I started reaching the sink,
Your clean walls then began having plenty ink,
Then you saw me giving my dolls some soft dink!

The little baby speaking,
Got you always listening ,
Memories worth keeping,
And fast I kept growing!

Being what I am today,
I celebrate you everyday,
Being a 12th May,
Happy mother’s Day!

Ramadhan Kareem🌺

My heart is filled with joy,
This grace is no little toy,
Nor a little sauce from soy!

we’ve seen much leave,
As if we were on a certain sieve,
And we were counted on who would achieve!

Not like we are pure,
Being here wasnt through a lure,
let’s hope to our pains this is a cure!

It’s a month full of blessings,
May we find lasting strength to keep enduring,
And acceptance in our prayers,supplications and fasting.

As we are blessed to be here,
Keep your belief so dear,
Allah will pay for our every tear!

Ramadhan kareem, Saum maqboul.
I hope that we all can stay cool,
Be blessed in your homes,offices and school😊


Happy Birthday 6thBoRn

Its been a while,
Soon you gonna be down the aisle,
The journey has been scary in its own style,
And what your heart had to take is heavier than any pile!

Two decades down the line,
I’m happy you flow with the wine,
sanguinely always tracing your own spine,
Light is illuminating as you keep trusting in the sign!

Your heart has ache,
You had much to take,
Got friends with a love so fake,
And yes that was your destined take!

Here is today,
Come what may,
Happiness is here to stay,
So grab your years and dont hesitate to slay!

What wasnt meant to stay left,
Whats truly your share is here at its best,
There is no cage to keep you trapped in a nest,
You are free darling so why don’t you sway your waist!

Here is to more success,
Cheers to more laughter,
Other chances to make a mess,
And more life to be you and not less!

This me in you will always be with you,
How strong you are is something you got no clue,
Your self love is debt to me forever due,
There is no one to love you better than this inner you!

Happy 20th birthday to the flesh part of you,
More years of blessings are on a beautiful queue,
Your soul and inner self are surely older than the visible you,
So we are here to say Happy returns to you!



Sabe and Mems


Sabe(male character)
Mems (female character)

Wicked grandma
Step mum
Siblings(to be touched on at a later time).

_story story.._

Once lived a lovely family , father, mother and children.
Life was beautiful(including whatever beauty entails)…but not even rivers flow forever…

One evening, when the kids came from school, home felt strange. Mama was lying on the floor, with tears all over her face and bags well packed ready for something like a trip. But Sabe was holding Mems in his arms(having in mind Sabe is elder to Mems). Mems blouse was covered in blood. Mama suddenly got up to check what was wrong. She quickly rushed Mems to the hospital . It was quite normal for her to nosebleed but this time was far much abnormal. The doctors striked mama with the news that Mems is Anemic.
They all went back home, and the only seemed strange to Mems and Sabe, since they were the young ones.
And right after dinner, Daddy comes in….and now home really feels hot for mama and poor kids.

It was a Chilly night. The temperatures were relatively low. And this meant Sabe’s chest would have complications . But Mama and Daddy were deep in an argument who knows what was it about.
Finally Mama grabbed the luggages, took Sabe to her back, grabbed Mems on the right hand and the rest grabbed their packed bags too.

~but hey, where were they going?~

Daddy had a character of polishing his name out there. More so, Mama had no where to call home🤦🏻‍♂
But being a lady of hope, she decides their trip’s destination is at Aunty’s place. ^which was just like staying at home^

People are people and they all are fake. The welcome was warm…the night passed on well, and come morning, Daddy is there, with a lawyer. And this marked the end of Mama spending with the kids. A new path rolled over!

🛣 _Sabe’s path_🛣

He was a mamas boy, and this separation made him depressed. But life had to go on.
Life with Daddy wasnt much easy, esp after he married the worst night mare. Life became of a solitude nature to Sabe. Not forgetting this wicked grandma. It is said that fear has its favourite so does wickedness.
According to grandma, no one in daddy’s family was meant to prosper, esp little Sabe🔯
Heading to his final exams in primary, he collapses on the rehearsal day. But still he makes it to a provisional school. But still, collapsing became a better part of him😭
As if that wasnt enough, Daddy decided to withdraw from paying his school fee😔
But being the focused him,he managed to find a sponsor from upcountry who offered to pay for all the educational expenses.
They said, for someone who isnt used to being okay, its not okay being okay….this correctly applied to Sabe.
Having all kinds of amounts in his disposal, Sabe began being immoral.
With money he thought,he could rule the whole world and somehow he managed to rule the better part of the school. Buying off students to beat up others and much deeper deeds.
Back home, daddy wants nothing to do with him.
And he actually developed a lone lifestyle.
When he was about to join form four, he decides to change his characters.
But the taste he had left in his fellow student’s couldn’t allow them accept his change
he managed to pass his exams and on joining college,as sole as he is, and the fact that the sponsorship contract came to an end, he was stranded about his fee payment🧐
He humbled himself enough to go back home, and see if daddy can assist😞 but not only to be turned down, he finds that his elder brother disappeared from home and joined a terrorism group😟
He came back to his lone life and decided to make decent hustles unlike his brother.
So through a friend he joins the golfing world where he could earn atleast 500/= per day.
Finally he joined college, and passed his exams.
He went back home, and fortunately daddy had missed him. He was well welcomed and gifted a little portion of land where he built a small home and grew some reasonable amount of tea leaves.
He then decided to give back to the society, he voluntarily decided to teach in a nearby mixed secondary school as a math-physics teacher.
He served the school with loyalty.
~But they said, what goes round, comes round.~
Looks like he had not yet paid for his immorality or rather,it was still stuck on his face.
As a teacher, he decided to offer his little home to one of his bright student who used to walk a long distance.
But this student ended up impregnating a fellow student.but this he belongs to Sabe, and so, Sabe was linked to this pregnancy. And that marked the end of him serving the school and so was his name defamed.
But he was a changed man already, that didnt stop him.
God guided him, and finally directed him to a better employment.

Sabe is now married and almost making his own family😋 😋😋😋😋😋

🛣 _Mems’ path_🛣

After the seperation, Mems had to stay behind with daddy and step mum.
Step mum was never ready to see her prosper.
At her class 8, she was forced to repeat twice, but that didnt pull her down.
But during the go, daddy and Mems lost their bond. She used to keep alot to herself. and step mum knew this quite well. She one day planned a rape that perfectly took place. It demotivated Mems but she worked on making her survival take place.
Since she lost her self worth, she decided to move to her sisters’ place hoping that things would get better. To her surprise, her sister planned another rape for her…this one was worse, coz she received beatings as well😭
So she decided to join the street kids. This looked like a break to her.Five months down the line, she thought its better to be at home…she went back home from the street life. Right now, her self esteem was close to zero. She would appreciate anything that would look kind and generous. And that included a fake relationship that she fell in and ended up pregnant and dumped!😒
She sat form4 exams while pregnant. After her exams she moves to her brothers’ house who is now married to a dictator wife. It looked like she wasnt meant to find peace. With her pregnancy she develops leukemia. Still in such a situation she is mistreated as much till she gives birth to an immature baby boy😭.
But she doesnt give up, she manages to join college.

Right now Mems is at her final year in college.
A two rape cases survivor, a leukemia fighter, and anemia still wont let her go.
But her kid is now the most healthiest🙂


I will miss being sad🙃

I still run fingers over my waist,
And feel how everything ended being a waste,
I doubt your soul can tell how mine could taste,

Maybe just how calm i always laid on your chest!

Making you feel my best,
Couldn’t mind about the rest,
Seemed like you the favourite quest,
But you forgot who was the host and the guest!

But I am made of all whats wild,
Your proud talks sounded like one silly bird,
I enjoyed triggering them like a ruminant chewing cud.
In my prayers I clearly declared you my favourite lad!

You brought life to the tears i thought dried,
I felt new the first day my eyes cried,
But damn again the tears dried,
And it may look like I only lied😒

You melted my ice,
As I got addicted to your eyes,
I had no chance to make you taste my lies,
Cause you were good in watching my cries 👌🏼

I fell in love with how you made me feel bad,
And somehow i enjoyed being surely sad,
Because those are emotions i never had,
Now that things are ending be sure I will miss being sad😋

My silence was the key💅🏻

A feeling so new,
can’t explain how it grew,
Taken me to places i can tell a few,
About it i had no clue🙃

But then whats the mind
If it wont figure out the line?
Whats the existence of the heart
If it wont tell you when you are hurt?

Its funny how stupidly they claim,
Before leaving you, they blame,
Making things look like they can be the same,
But thats from minds so lame!

Ran my fingers through the path they came,
The footprints feel just the same,
Just like the ones who before came,
And my heart is in no shame!💃🏻

Why dont people create new ways,
Like they all make the same mistakes always,
But I love how that spices up my days,
Thou simple like roasted maize.

I love how my intelligence shuts,
Allowing them strong in their ifs and buts,
But then all that doesn’t last!
Like bubbles in the air they burst🕺🏻

I end up happier than they found me,
Because happy is what i was meant to be,
But their eyes never seem to clearly see,
My silence was always the key✍🏽

I left!

Tears down my face,
Yet i already tied my lace,
I came back resting the case,
But its getting worse not less!

So yes lend me your eyes,
Watch me leave in the cold ice,
I dont wanna feel pain more than twice,
You are bitter than any spice!

You will surely find peace,
After you receive this last kiss.
I am leaving you with the keys,
No longer you shall i please…

I am taking my silent leave,
I promise you wont notice a missing sieve…

Life was beautiful with you,
But i will have my peace without you,
Your care is still a debt to me due,
But that will not make me stick with you!

Its not what i thought it is,
Maybe something less ,
Or too much for me to hold,
But it was something we built.

Not like you are bad,
Actually you are my favourite lad,
But you couldn’t stop making me sad,
And happiness was the only hope i had🙃

Sorry if you may feel used,
Maybe you will try fixing whats loose,
There’s no need coz all of it has got oozed,
I was never a fan of any blues!

So i am living you a kiss,
A way that made you at ease,
Not hard i will squeeze,
Then finally myself will be release!

I know i am cruel,
Being mean was my fuel.

I am writing this from my other home,
Its not like i wrote before i left,
I just realised i had a butterfly,
And i decided to bid my late bye.

Leaving wasn’t easy ,
It took me all my cruelty,
Reasons are based on my meanness,
I love how the mirror tells you im around!

_Im not expecting you to understand my journey, the dead dont experience Agony;pain is felt by the living._

The me in the mirror will still smile at you, but if you are keen enough, you shall see its blur, i left, and still exist, i promised you🤭

Its okay.

Its funny and amazing how people loose you without a notice. The fight for our happiness makes us loose the ones we thought would be a part of us forever. We decide walking away hoping to find happiness elsewhere but still a part of us stays behind and follows them till the end of their lives.

It all looks like we actually walked away, we actually took our leaves and some part of them too left with us. The allien pieces mix up and with time we feel whole again(with their pieces feeling at home within us). But its okay right? Life has to go on…after all yuo cant feel their pain so they cant feel yours either

We get into other souls thinking weve landed on better lands, poor us, again, its another mistake. But why does it have to happen that we give our lives to people just for them to crush them? You try being there for someone just for them to inform you it wasnt their need…😕

But before we tagg them “bad” we remember that weve also done that to someone. And suddenly it feels like we are being punished somehow. We are fnally tasting what we made the others swallow. And there is nothing more fair than that, we tell ourselves. So we stop hating those who left and we finally accept being alone.

It feels better alone,we say. Like there is no one you are hurting or no one is out there to worry for you…hey, its okay to find happiness in oneself! Absolutely!

But when you devide it so, do it to your best. Dont keep annoying yourself. You feel the joy; the audience doesnt experience your peace!

My perfect mistake.

Again I saw it coming

But Still allowed it arrive,

Another mistake you happen to be,

But I love how this one happened!

I dont mean you broke me,

But atleast i broke myself,

Its nothing new i do it often,

But this time, i did it perfectly!

And I love these pieces,

Coz they still humm your name,

As if pain is a game,

Im still in your arms!

Not that I am insane,

But i know you arent the last,

But atleast the best,

The best of the mistakes i will ever make!

I touch my wounds and i want you more,

Looks like my happiness and my pain have one bond,

And I am around till my Devils die,

For my angels wont let us be!

It may be named sad love,

Or rather self destruction,

As i know it my beautiful mistake,

But its a love i wanted to feel,

So lemme die and get burried in your tortures!