Happy mother’s Day💞

I was a little thing in you,
Much pain I put you through,
No one knew me better than you,
What I would be, you had no clue!

But every time you saw your belly grow,
Your heart couldn’t help but love me more!
You imagined how cute would be my first crawl,
And a strong bond you felt from you to my young soul.

Then there came a little me,
My smile was always your key,
happy and jovial you had to be,
Just to make sure I am a peaceful kid!

You had to swallow your pride,
Your back kept giving me a ride,
Your love growing deep and wide,
And you always made sure I see you by my side!

Time flew I started giving you a wink,
Slowly I started reaching the sink,
Your clean walls then began having plenty ink,
Then you saw me giving my dolls some soft dink!

The little baby speaking,
Got you always listening ,
Memories worth keeping,
And fast I kept growing!

Being what I am today,
I celebrate you everyday,
Being a 12th May,
Happy mother’s Day!


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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