And that was the heaviest thing,
The most of what my mind could think,
Its not like the memories now stink,
But Atleast whats left is a broken link.

I didn’t write to you by my favourite ink,
All I did was coming closer with our wink,
Then in my own hell I had to sink,
And yes that was not a beautiful thing.

But then it is upon me,
All this was something I could clearly see,
But chose to close my eyes and let it just be,
I did not forget that my fall was key!

It wasn’t foolish at all,
Though no word can say it all.
It is sad I can’t expect your call,
But then I have back my own soul!

Rest in peace
Though you have taken away my peace,
I will call your name before fixing any piece,
And I am glad I Atleast gave you a goodbye kiss!

You promised me forever,
But after the Trip it became a never,
I can now only smile at my screen saver,
I miss how you could kiss away my fever!

We shall meet tomorrow,
Again my hand you shall borrow,
Right now everything looks narrow,
because your love wasn’t shallow.

I’m sorry I couldn’t kiss your forehead ,
I’m in chains and this is written in red,
But I will love you through all what’s ahead,
Because through your love is how I was made!

🌺I am planting you this flower in every word I utter,
Hoping that when you listen it makes you feel better,
The very last kiss tasted something better than sweeter,
I will keep my promise not to ever sound bitter!

chammy will still fall in love with your dead smile Shakir💋


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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