Ramadhan Kareem🌺

My heart is filled with joy,
This grace is no little toy,
Nor a little sauce from soy!

we’ve seen much leave,
As if we were on a certain sieve,
And we were counted on who would achieve!

Not like we are pure,
Being here wasnt through a lure,
let’s hope to our pains this is a cure!

It’s a month full of blessings,
May we find lasting strength to keep enduring,
And acceptance in our prayers,supplications and fasting.

As we are blessed to be here,
Keep your belief so dear,
Allah will pay for our every tear!

Ramadhan kareem, Saum maqboul.
I hope that we all can stay cool,
Be blessed in your homes,offices and school😊



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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