My silence was the key💅🏻

A feeling so new,
can’t explain how it grew,
Taken me to places i can tell a few,
About it i had no clue🙃

But then whats the mind
If it wont figure out the line?
Whats the existence of the heart
If it wont tell you when you are hurt?

Its funny how stupidly they claim,
Before leaving you, they blame,
Making things look like they can be the same,
But thats from minds so lame!

Ran my fingers through the path they came,
The footprints feel just the same,
Just like the ones who before came,
And my heart is in no shame!💃🏻

Why dont people create new ways,
Like they all make the same mistakes always,
But I love how that spices up my days,
Thou simple like roasted maize.

I love how my intelligence shuts,
Allowing them strong in their ifs and buts,
But then all that doesn’t last!
Like bubbles in the air they burst🕺🏻

I end up happier than they found me,
Because happy is what i was meant to be,
But their eyes never seem to clearly see,
My silence was always the key✍🏽


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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