I will miss being sad🙃

I still run fingers over my waist,
And feel how everything ended being a waste,
I doubt your soul can tell how mine could taste,

Maybe just how calm i always laid on your chest!

Making you feel my best,
Couldn’t mind about the rest,
Seemed like you the favourite quest,
But you forgot who was the host and the guest!

But I am made of all whats wild,
Your proud talks sounded like one silly bird,
I enjoyed triggering them like a ruminant chewing cud.
In my prayers I clearly declared you my favourite lad!

You brought life to the tears i thought dried,
I felt new the first day my eyes cried,
But damn again the tears dried,
And it may look like I only lied😒

You melted my ice,
As I got addicted to your eyes,
I had no chance to make you taste my lies,
Cause you were good in watching my cries 👌🏼

I fell in love with how you made me feel bad,
And somehow i enjoyed being surely sad,
Because those are emotions i never had,
Now that things are ending be sure I will miss being sad😋


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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