Its okay.

Its funny and amazing how people loose you without a notice. The fight for our happiness makes us loose the ones we thought would be a part of us forever. We decide walking away hoping to find happiness elsewhere but still a part of us stays behind and follows them till the end of their lives.

It all looks like we actually walked away, we actually took our leaves and some part of them too left with us. The allien pieces mix up and with time we feel whole again(with their pieces feeling at home within us). But its okay right? Life has to go on…after all yuo cant feel their pain so they cant feel yours either

We get into other souls thinking weve landed on better lands, poor us, again, its another mistake. But why does it have to happen that we give our lives to people just for them to crush them? You try being there for someone just for them to inform you it wasnt their need…😕

But before we tagg them “bad” we remember that weve also done that to someone. And suddenly it feels like we are being punished somehow. We are fnally tasting what we made the others swallow. And there is nothing more fair than that, we tell ourselves. So we stop hating those who left and we finally accept being alone.

It feels better alone,we say. Like there is no one you are hurting or no one is out there to worry for you…hey, its okay to find happiness in oneself! Absolutely!

But when you devide it so, do it to your best. Dont keep annoying yourself. You feel the joy; the audience doesnt experience your peace!


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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