I left!

Tears down my face,
Yet i already tied my lace,
I came back resting the case,
But its getting worse not less!

So yes lend me your eyes,
Watch me leave in the cold ice,
I dont wanna feel pain more than twice,
You are bitter than any spice!

You will surely find peace,
After you receive this last kiss.
I am leaving you with the keys,
No longer you shall i please…

I am taking my silent leave,
I promise you wont notice a missing sieve…

Life was beautiful with you,
But i will have my peace without you,
Your care is still a debt to me due,
But that will not make me stick with you!

Its not what i thought it is,
Maybe something less ,
Or too much for me to hold,
But it was something we built.

Not like you are bad,
Actually you are my favourite lad,
But you couldn’t stop making me sad,
And happiness was the only hope i had🙃

Sorry if you may feel used,
Maybe you will try fixing whats loose,
There’s no need coz all of it has got oozed,
I was never a fan of any blues!

So i am living you a kiss,
A way that made you at ease,
Not hard i will squeeze,
Then finally myself will be release!

I know i am cruel,
Being mean was my fuel.

I am writing this from my other home,
Its not like i wrote before i left,
I just realised i had a butterfly,
And i decided to bid my late bye.

Leaving wasn’t easy ,
It took me all my cruelty,
Reasons are based on my meanness,
I love how the mirror tells you im around!

_Im not expecting you to understand my journey, the dead dont experience Agony;pain is felt by the living._

The me in the mirror will still smile at you, but if you are keen enough, you shall see its blur, i left, and still exist, i promised you🤭


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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