My perfect mistake.

Again I saw it coming

But Still allowed it arrive,

Another mistake you happen to be,

But I love how this one happened!

I dont mean you broke me,

But atleast i broke myself,

Its nothing new i do it often,

But this time, i did it perfectly!

And I love these pieces,

Coz they still humm your name,

As if pain is a game,

Im still in your arms!

Not that I am insane,

But i know you arent the last,

But atleast the best,

The best of the mistakes i will ever make!

I touch my wounds and i want you more,

Looks like my happiness and my pain have one bond,

And I am around till my Devils die,

For my angels wont let us be!

It may be named sad love,

Or rather self destruction,

As i know it my beautiful mistake,

But its a love i wanted to feel,

So lemme die and get burried in your tortures!


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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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