Proud to be your Queen

When everything was so green,
we both were keen,
now on each other we lean,
and the world is still calculating what it has seen…🖤

you are your best at your deen,
and mine is developing a better sheen,
wasnt a win from a spin,
but a prayer with answers so clean…🖤

As you daily re-crown me your queen,
i am a better me i have ever seen,
again with no try my heart you win,
and our love forever shall gleen…🖤

Again darling this is a beautiful sin,
that our eyes has ever seen,
sweet is what we have always been,
i will always wear our love as my skin…🖤

You didnt mind loving a soul so mean,
With love you gave me a soft grin,
In your heart you declared my reign,
And now you are my forever next of kin…🖤

About us they still wanna glean,
But they only find a love so clean,
Too heavy cant fit in any hin,
Confusing their evil eyes like bleen…🖤

Darling be mine so we can always win,
Im complicated but you are always keen,
On your shoulders comfortably i lean,
And they know its love since we were green…!🖤

Im proud to be your Queen!


Published by


a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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