To you BeLoVeD

Dear BeLoVeD

the first day i met you, my eyes couldn’t believe…

I had to take it all for my heart couldnt sieve,

And i knew by your side there is nothing i wont achieve,

And now i wake up to your texts as if you my other belief!

I still look at you and smile,

To see me happy you dont skip a mile,

You look deep in mh eyes in a perfect style,

Grab my hand love take me to Kyle!

I love running my fingers in your hair,

The feeling occupies the air,

My skin feels warm to my deepest layer,

And its unexplainable how you maintain your care!

What i feel for you aint in words i can write like this,

My beautiful smile toobisnt enough to describe the peace,

You is what all time i miss,

Again i will still want to give you a random kiss.

Take me to the park again,

Then take a note of the calories i gain,

And how fast your hugs melts my pain,

I cant help this happiness they all think im insane!

I promise to love you deep,

Think of you in every sip,

And im surely yours to keep,

I know the road ahead is still steep,

But BeLoVeD we are and that still tastes in my lip☺️



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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