When it gets dry👊

It hurts yes,

But its your only offer no less,

What hurts more is the pace,

You had to leave before tying up your shoe lace.

But its here and everything looks harsh,

Hold your breath of ice and ash,

Its not about the things you can buy with cash..

Your treasured leaves are now trash.

Its sad but its your take,

Again your smile is back to fake,

No tear rivers just a dry lake,

How high was your stake…!

But they all leave in the end,

Thou they couldnt seem to tend,

Their fake time to you they lend,

Now its just an empty text you can send!

Let it hurt

then let it go…

Hold it in your hurt,

Then let time flow!

They all drop when it gets dry…

It a fact you cant change even if you try,

Dont waste time it wont help if you cry….

Its only normal and you wont die☺️



Published by


a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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