poor heart not poor

What you love so deep, kills you with no weep,

but then you still take another sip,

trying to stick to the promise you called “mine to keep”

Back to your death right when awake,

saw the destroys of exactly what you wanted to make,

cooked them their smiles when yours is perfectly fake,

but you console your self that its for love’s sake,

then you end up sorry that its too much for you to take,

what they know all this was purely your stake,

but you cant reject the cake you bake. . . …

Sorry poor heart, it happens you got hurt✍🏾

As the best of investors, you decided to stake high,

as their best masters, they decided to lie,

as if all this matters, there you cry,

not seeing your tears, deep they sigh,

to them you cant put your pain clear,even when you try,

for they know by their thoughts, this is the life you chose to buy. . . …

I’m sorry poor heart, nothing will make all this to surely die✍🏾

Your eyes with tears away from their faces,

yet you promised their ground the other day you tied your laces,

that never shall you visit their sorrowful places,

but here you are as you chose to kiss your bruises. . . …

Sorrows planted you watered them as delicate trees,

so now what exactly makes you freeze,

with your love you natured all these,

for their peace your self’s you tend to squeeze,

now watch how their feet move at ease.

Sorry poor heart, yourself you tore for them to please✍🏾

We reap what we sow,

and pain is what you mine from the core,

to them you wholely chose to bow,

i wonder why you never learnt from what you saw,

and I’m sure for this pain you still want more. . . …

Now I’m not sorry poor heart, for this is what you still gonna pray for🤨✍🏾



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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