I will still narrate how sweet with you it has been💞

Stepping the cold floor bare foot,

It feels so rough and tough…

In the darkness on the wierd route,

But still managed to air a loud laugh!

Friends became new foes,

Large family splitted into four,

The angels are crying deep in my core,

But seems life needs the cries even more!

sense doesnt make sense any more,

The level of normality gradually goes low,

But its a life force to which i cant say no…

And a fate holding on so tight it wont let go!

But my tear glands seem so dry,

There is no solid proof that i cry,

It will still look like a beautiful lie,

It wont matter how hard i try!

And maybe i may loose the only life i got,

End up walking dead as the only choice i got,

And to my face he will whisper its what i bought,

My deeds and his judgment will be my highest court!

So yes i am ready to face the reward of my sin,

Yes i have no other pillar for me to lean,

But maybe im too dirty of lies and you so clean,

At the end when it happens to make sense i will still narate on how sweet with you it has been💞



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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