Eyes beautifully white,
making him want to always be in her sight,
skin too soft he calls her his only light,
lips too sweet he cant help but live her a bite!

she will bite her lips hard next to him,
making him write imaginary songs with her as his only theme,
rolling her eyes living him drowning in an ocean he should swim,
a smile wide open making him love her self illuminated gleam!

he cant stop kissing her dimples too deep,
she whispers in his ears shyly, “I’m yours to keep”
he looks at her white eyes that no longer weep,
and whispers back not in her ears but next to lower lip!

his whispers ain’t in words i can say or write like this,
but indeed its much better if you can watch it in his light kiss,
you know them not and its a beautiful scene you tend to always miss,
looks dangerous but you will love how his touch turns on her peace!

her looks are so clean but with him they can beautifully turn dirty,
she sways her waist right on his lap better than what you see in a party,
her warmth next to his is so sweet that he cant help looking too sweaty…
if you be blessed to see them on each other you will know the origin of beauty!

warming his arms beneath her laps,
kissing him till he yearns for his little gasps,
her waists in his arms their innocence just collapse…
leaving sheets wet of their wet love maps!

he sits for a talk and she supports his back with her sexy right thigh,
his hands finding rest just on her navel where he turns her again high!
and heaven again is created skin to skin till you hear the devils cry…
kissing her neck till she shakes only then does he give her a sigh!

tracing her spine right till she calls him her only King,
his touches so soft and right making her wanna sing,
his hairy chest luring her thoughts and shutting down her wing,
kissing his master piece as an oath that to him she shall forever cling!

his eyes on her body curves is all what starts up their innocent sin,
and his charms and romantic nature gives him the forever love win,
making her happy and contented is what he is naturally always keen,
and her loving talks to him makes him crown her back her Queen!

its no talent that they own,
but a curse themselves born,
come visit their lovely throne,
but its heavenly may make your sanity torn!



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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