Her And But…

And her little legs are too soft,

yet the hot ground is her only opt,


but she cant hide she is getting hurt,

yet its necessary to freeze her heart….


and she still has to give it a smile,

climb the mountains like walking down the aisle…


but she has got no one to pat her back,

yet as a wolf she shall protect her pack…


and the rivers in your eyes may seem too deep,

yet they were made of the tears she used to weep..


but shehas to cross them all at once,

because her plans give her strenght in a glance…


and her future is what takes her on,

not the petty memories they left on her phone…


but yes its too hot for a slight walk,

i shall let her grab time for a little talk!


and i will fold her shiny beautiful eyes,

to save her from their pretty lies..!

shiny be her,

power made by her,

the future and her steps all at par!








Published by


a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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