Happy Birthday Tumtum!

when fate allows you to be,
open your eyes and let them see,
being you attracts no fee,
smile and that shall forever be your key!

you aren’t what you were,
nor where you were,
and it wasn’t smooth so far,
but your progress needs a little more stir…

if you aren’t getting me I aren’t getting you either..
but at least you will no longer watch your happiness wither,
let it shine as a well washed feather,
for no one else but you in your life is the leader!

all what your heart hold dear,
are part of what triggers your fear,
how I wish you knew about King Lear,
I’m sorry if its nothing you happened to hear…

but the fact shall remain still,
there is always a way where there is a will,
it doesn’t matter what today made you feel,
tomorrow shall come with a new deal!

(Being Tumtum’s birthday I hope it closes your day)



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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