Give it a Hold !

your pride just got sold darling,

but little do you know its getting you bold,

say no word just give me a node,

because all you need is to give it a hold!


your eyes are seeing it too tough..

feet feeling the road so rough,

but in the end success is what you want to have,

so Darling why don’t you give it a tight hold?


the most beautiful days start off too cold,

but things get better as the day gets old,

we all start naked before getting into our best dressing code…

Don’t you see all you need is giving it a hold?


I cant give you a better motivation than whats in you,

for your plans and hopes are nothing I’ve got a clue,

your success is a debt only to you that’s due,

it might take long but happening happens,that’s true..

God will help,Just give it a HOLD!





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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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