Fate at it best!

God is never late,
What’s yours will surely be sent,
If it’s to be saved it wont be spent,
Don’t be surprised call it fate!

Some wake up with what you want most,
Others own what you just lost,
Your yesterday’s guest today is your host.
Their revenue is your worst cost!

Your worst nightmare is someone’s wife,
Someone’s life style is your current strive,
What kills them is also what gives you life.
Waters you drown in are what they easily dive!

What was your plan is what raised them,
Your disgrace is their fame,
What looks wild in your eyes is theirs to tame,
Your strong explanation is their excuse so lame!

Their worst just became your best,
Your current favourite was a while their waste,
What you admire less is actually their quest,
Pleasing or not fate remains surprisingly at it best!



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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