He just fell in love in a glance at her smile,

He called it love yet he couldn’t tell if it were fake,

But she kept looking darling like a bride down the aisle,

Behind that smile was all he could never take.

Ask him and he shall say he knows her,

Well because yesterday he got her naked,

And after some days he will start counting what he’s done for her,

Because her single words boldly spoken made him feel she’s wicked.

So he just asked her to walk away,

And she couldn’t bother to remind him out there was cold,

Not because she had nothing to say ,

But it was better for her little heart bleed as she hit the road.

He wont feel shame calling it a heartbreak,

But she still moves round with her waist that always sway,

Because her happiness is clean with no single speck,

But he never saw she was made of smiles not just clay.

Yet he can still count down the list to you,

The roses, chains, rings and all what she wont ever give you a clue,

She can only smile at all the hell she had to go through,

For a stupid soul who only knows how to count blue.

She was an ocean too deep,

But he couldn’t just taste a single sip,

Yet he says she’s the reason he shall always weep,

Just because he used to tie up her hair clip!

But can he tell you about her unspoken pain,

Or he can just talk about the delicious meals she made?

Can he tell you how much she had to walk in the rain,

Or can he just tell you about the rash things she said!

She is her,

He is he,

Together they never be,

But never could you you see!



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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