My ride.

In this I shall let God lead,

At times peace is all we need,

But change changes at a high speed,

Leaving you at still as a naive kid.

We got the feel that change can make we strong,

But then the voices around will whisper to make you feel wrong,

Something ready to be done shockingly takes long,

Seems like all your plans are like unmatched nodes in a song.

Chances to make it be look too thin,

But just like a dance doll needs a spin,

Shut your eyes and ears to allow your mind get clean,

But don’t forget such a step shall make them feel you’re mean.

But to be better this step is yours to take,

Send your guilt down the river and the forgotten lake,

Sort out the originals and away the fake,

Its hard for your soft heart but a better sense is yours to make.

Getting better doesn’t really require your age,

Or else you shall forever stay stagnant in your fear cage,

Its only when He fought stupidity did He become a sage,

Now please wake up and stop worshiping their rage.

Wait, no i wont lie that its easy,

Darling, looking above gives strength but first you shall feel dizzy,

Then the strength after shall make you feel crazy,

Because all the rest without, to you shall look lazy.

In a while everyone shall think you are lonely,

Because you will have learnt to handle issues solely,

And nothing done by you shall again be left partly,

And in the long run i promise tears you shall see hardly.

Darling you shall then never get melted by just any shy “hi”.

Make your mind understand you too can fake being shy,

Apart from your progress the rest can just be another lie,

I’ll be at the corner looking at your better and you’ll hear my sigh,

Finally take your sip and be sure to never let your smile die,

Go towards your better like you are walking down the aisle.

Darling your success is not even far than a mile,

Its as near as where you can find your true smile,

Make your start and be sure to grab it right in a little while!

Read it out from your mind,

You’ll understand I was giving you a ride,

But i wont take you more i want you step their pride,

And bring back all your crashed hopes to your side,

And your success with you shall forever abide!



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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