Our lives are like leaves.. Shoots where seems good, and when drought come we dry and fall. At times we fall due to strong winds, at times we get plucked, you know we all just fall for one reason or another. Then we get swept away. Our places get replaced and we go somewhere to replace something else. Maybe as manure, tobacco,it all depends with what we were made of. Some of us get better when dry and swept away and some we end up nothing.

Like how we all shoot at our parents homes, time comes and we leave. Either for marriage, studies or whatever the case we all just end up leaving like those dropping leaves. Then we fall on the ground where destiny then takes the responsibility to sweep us off the ground to somewhere else. Maybe better or worse. Some go to better places and end up in the worst hell. Maybe a better marriage then traded for to a cheating husband. Or an unpleasant struggles ending up as millionaires. It all depends with what destiny chooses to sweep you to.

All in all we all just leave, drop or get dusted away. Or wiped as the snow on the roof. I just happens darling.



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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