We’ve all come across beautiful birds and spend hours admiring. The feathers are attractive that our eyes behave their blinking. Then we forget that beneath the beauty their is an ugly skin. The beauty on the feathers, doesn’t change whats beneath.

We describe the earth as a beautiful surface. But that doesn’t change the fact that others go beneath and bring out a lot. And that doesn’t mean we shall call the earth Gold and silver. Whats beneath it, doesn’t describe it.

But we all stay here, stand there, preaching the same cliché that the smile on our faces Dont describe whats beneath. Its true a smile on your face doesn’t dry the tears in your heart, But Darling listen, no one will understand your pain unless you limp.

Its not whats beneath but what we do that defines us. Stop expecting people to see your saint intentions if your actions are theft like. Dont wait them to see the sheep side of you when all you do is lion-like.

We will call you a lawyer in the court and a mother in the kitchen. Not a preacher in the bar nor a driver on a passengers’ seat.

Darling wake up from that dream and keep in mind, we dress how we want people to address us. We ain’t in a movie of undercover detectives. We are in real life where snakes are snakes and rats are rats. Beneath is for you and what you expose, is what shall be understood.



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a breath of snow and ashes☺️

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