Its up to them.

“Its up to them” you should be asking who…?

Have you ever come across some situation whereby, a couple, married for more than 20years, with kids beautiful and adorable, the family is actually one of your dream families, then Pup…! They break up😐 you, and everyone else try to cheap in your ideas on how they have to come back together again, but none of your efforts work. Okay, its obvious that we all end up thinking, its up to them!

Darling, let us try fit in their shoes. Be sure, when pride meets Ego, silence is the least and safest situation. The one in the wrong is likely to have a self-centered ego, and the wronged, is probably proud. So who comes close to who…? Who says sorry and who accepts the apology…? Literally, its up to them , but if we can wake up and open eyes, its actually none of their business.

Its like expecting a flower grower buy his own flowers, like,who does that…?

If you actually live in some towns with shoe shiners besides the roads, they shine shoes, but some have no shoes or if they do, they ain’t as neat as they can make yours. Most of the barbers have the most ugly hair cuts, while hairdressers may be having the most smelly weaves too. Dont you see, they can offer beauty to you,but not to themselves. Like those couples, they gave u a beautiful picture of them, but they wont see their happiness as much as you do. Its not up to them.

When love breaks, three party loose equally, the couples take 1/3 of the loss, their kids and family, have 1/3 too, then the society another 1/3.. The couple loose their togetherness, the family loose their peace, and the society loose a pair of parents who could nature presidents of the future. We all loose here, and so far its like we are loosing more and more pair of parents.

Listen dear, Jesus wasn’t brought up with a single mother even if he had no human father. God wasn’t foolish to place Joseph somewhere in Mary’s life. If she is no widow, and not abandoned like some“most single mothers”, if he is no widower or like some “most sperm donors” , its not up to them. Its up to us all.

Them, are we, we, are them…!



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